The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER…


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For some people there is a sad moment when you realize if you turned your phone off for a day…you would turn back it on with no messages. For that moment it feels like no one cares. Our society looks for gratification from small gas filled gestures. Even our greetings are insincere.

"Hey, wasup" …no one ever really wants to know what’s up.

I don’t want a text or a like on Instagram. I want someone to write me a letter. I want someone to drive and visit me. I want someone to sacrifice something real for me. To ask questions that dig below the surface. To care what the response is. Give time, give thought, give emotions, give real. Get me in return. I’m not cocky but I think I’m a great investment.


The Feeling When Your Relationship is Stale


no longer special. no longer exciting. no longer anything but normal.  I am always there. I am “used to”. I don’t make hearts flutter with excitement.  I don’t get extra smiles.  I am nothing extra.  I am part of the comfortable. 

I don’t know if I’m really happy. I tell myself I should be as I look at where I am and therefore I am. I don’t think I am though. Something is missing or maybe something was lost. Idk if I’ve ever really been happy. Moments of joy and spans of time where I don’t think…just enjoy..those are the closest I’ve ever been.

I feel like a fish in a huge aquarium. Took me forever to swim around the edge. I was happy until I realized I was trapped.

I want to find it one day. happiness

Missing Connection?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing something wrong when I look around at church. I believe I have a connection but it nor the spirit ever moves me to cry out, raise my hands, jump up and down. I just smile, bow my head and say thank you God repeatedly when I think about how things have worked in my life.
Am I missing something? Do I take God for granted?

Microsoft is really coming for Apple products in these commercials. lol Reminds me of a more direct competition between Coke and Pepsi. Why are they ignoring droid though?? lol

IDK why but this makes me think of two crhistophers…Ocean and Lee. I’ll listen to it some more today.

Years & Years are back with a new EP “Real” out February 17!
Watch the music video:

Sometimes I sit in silence and wait for beauty to sing, wait for whispers to make conversation, wait for meaning in the absence,


I sometimes try to stop myself from having thoughts in the car. I’ll go through a whole poem based off of the emotion I’m feeling at the moment and then not remember anything except the last line when I go to write it down.